Online Training - Using Cerner PowerNote

PowerNote is an application within PowerChart where providers can create documents directly into the electronic medical record using an interactive template system. PowerNote templates are built and customized on-site by the Clinical Informatics team in conjunction with departmental faculty and staff. PowerNote eliminates the cost and turnaround time associated with traditional dictation and transcription, and puts the provider in direct control of the documentation process.

Creating Precompleted Note Templates

If you create your patient notes using a consistent style or format, you can save a note as a precompleted note and use this note format from one patient to the next. Remember to edit the information in the note as needed before signing. To create a Precompleted Note:

1. Complete all sections of the note that you wish to be precompleted.
2. Click on Documentation at the top of the the screen.
3. Click on Save as Precompleted Note.
4. Enter a title (the title will default as the note title)
5. Click Save as New. (Can also update existing Precompleted note templates by clicking Update Existing instead of Save as New)

Your Precompleted note will now be available for you to use on future patients. Simply access your Precompleted note from the Precompleted tab when adding a new PowerNote.

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